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Erin Laishey

Health Coach

"A week after a mentoring session with Amanda about my money issues and clearing those blocks, I found my first client. I was in shock at how easy it wasSince then I've signed up another 3 clients (this was double my initial goal so that's pretty cool). I am now 10 million times more confident that I will get clients - and have realized that the confidence is key."

Andrea Featherstone

Health & Mindfulness Coach

"I now have 19 new 3-month clients, and am regularly getting 2-4 Discovery Sessions per week, and am converting 90% of them to clients! It's so exciting! I've quit my part-time job and am now working full-time as a coach. I absolutely love it, and I am planning to go and work in Bali for 2 months in August - just because I can!"